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Unlimited tender announcement concerning rental of office space as well as warehouse and production premises

Łukasiewicz Research Network  ̶  Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy hereby announces an unlimited tender for rental of office space as well as warehouse and production premises in the service building, warehouse building and ceramic building.

Asking price for:

  • the office space, Building S  ̶   from 33-34,00 zł/m² + VAT
  • the warehouse premises, Building S  ̶  24,00 zł/m² + VAT
  • the warehouse premises, Building M  ̶  from 19-21,00 zł/m² + VAT
  • the office space, Building C  ̶  30,00 zł/m² + VAT,
  • the warehouse premises, Building C  ̶  21,00 zł/m² + VAT

The premises are available for inspection Monday-Friday.

Bids including price should be submitted by 20th of each month, till 10 a.m. in ŁIMŻ.

Bids opening shall be effected on 20th of each month, at 11 a.m. Should 20th day of the month be a bank holiday, the bids shall be opened on the following business day at 11 a.m.

Person authorized to provide information:

Ms. Celina Przybylska-Żur, MSc Eng.

Phone: +48 32 23 45 266

fax: +48 32 23 45 300

e-mail: celina.przybylska@imz.lukasiewicz.gov.pl


In relation to lease of office and warehouse space offered by the Institute, we hereby inform the Lessees using telecom networks made available by the Institute, that in order to remain compliant with the legal requirement stemming from Art.175e Clause  2 and Clause 3  of the Act dated July 16, 2014 - Telecommunications Law ( Journal of  Laws no. 171, Item. 1800, with further amendments), below you will find a link to the website of the Office of Electronic Communications (Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej) containing information on the security in the network:


Legal basis (Journal of  Laws no. 171, Item. 1800, with further amendments):

Article 175e.

1. The President of UKE shall publish on the UKE website up-to-date information on:

1) potential risks connected with the use of telecommunications services by the subscribers;

2) recommended caution measures and most popular means of securing telecommunications terminal equipment against harmful software or spyware;

3) sample consequences of the lack of or improper securing the telecommunications terminal equipment.

2. Information referred to in paragraph 1 shall be published by telecommunications undertakings on their websites.

3. The obligation referred to in paragraph 2 may be fulfilled by publishing a link at the website to the relevant page at the website of the President of UKE or another entity responsible for network security, where the information required under paragraph 1 is available.

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pdf-icon.gifGeneral Terms and Conditions of Rental of the Premises (62.62 kB)

pdf-icon.gifGDPR Clause (100.45 kB)

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