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Review procedure and review form
  • Scientific article published in the quarterly Journal of Metallic Materials shall be reviewed by specialists. By submission of the article for publication in the quarterly Journal of Metallic Materials the authors shall express consent for review of the article.
  • The list of Reviewers cooperating with the Editorial Board in a given year is published in the last issue of the journal. The list of Reviewers is also posted on the quarterly website.
  • Formal requirements concerning preparation of the article for publishing in the Quarterly, as well as instructions concerning prevention of the cases of "ghostwriting" and "guest autorship" are included in Guidelines for authors.
  • During appointment of the Reviewer, the Editorial Committee applies the following criteria: competences in the given field of science, lack of conflict of interest between Reviewer and Authors
  • Editorial Committee submits request concerning the review to the Reviewer, the Reviewer is entitled to get to know the theme of the publication and receives information concerning the deadline for review and its nature. Following approval of the proposal, the Reviewer receives full text of the article along with Review form.
  • Reviewers of articles receive no remuneration.
  • Name of the Reviewer is kept confidential; it may be revealed only upon consent of the Reviewer.
  • The Reviewer shall develop review of the article in written form, on Review form, referring first of all, to innovation of the presented paper, degree of paper realization independence, correctness of applied markings and units as well as paying attention to language errors. The Review should contain assessment of particular sections of the article and should be finalized with an application for classification of the article for publishing
  • The Reviewer shall pay attention to obedience to intellectual property law and avoiding plagiarism and other irregularities e.g. falsification of experimental data.
  • Based on the received review, the Editorial Committee shall make a decision on submission of the article to publishing, rejection of the article, or sending it back to the Author, in order to implement amendments.
  • Should corrections be required, Editorial Committee shall remit the article to the Author along with the review. Following receipt of the review with remarks, the Author shall be obliged to take a stance on the remarks and introduce adequate changes to the text. Should there be any remarks the Author does not agree with, he is entitled to prepare a reply to the review. In such case, and in the case of Reviewer's decision as to repeated analysis of the article following author's amendment, the article is submitted again to the Reviewer.
  • Final decision on acceptance of the article for publishing shall be made by Editorial Team based on the content of the review and assessment of the final version of the article submitted by the Author.
  • Should an article receive a negative review, it will be subject to additional review procedure
  • Texts other than scientific do not require a review and are classified for publishing directly by the Editor.

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