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Dilatometer DIL805A/D

In alloy processing, heating rate and temperature, heating time, cooling rate are important parameters deciding on final structure of the processed material, and thus on its properties. Dilatometer DIL 805 A/D is a device allowing to monitor microstructural changes occurring during physical simulation of production process, in real time, based on dimension changes monitoring.
DIL 805 A/D dilatometer facilitates, inter alia, development of diagrams of phase transformation occurring both in isothermal conditions as well as during continuous cooling.  Prior to start of cooling, the main phase may be subject to axialsymetric deformation (compression) in one or a few steps (development of  isothermal transformation diagrams). Low-temperature module facilitates determination of the temperature of end of martensitic transition Mf in high carbon steels, where at room temperature transformation of austenite is not completed.
Dilatometer is equipped with rotary and turbomolecular pump ensuring achievement of vacuum  ca. 10-6 mbar. Hydraulic system of deformation ensures compression of samples to ca. 70% (for sample of length of 10mm maximum strain ε =-1.2) of their height in one or a few stages with die advance rate of 0.1-20 mm/s. Strain rate ranges from 0.1- 3s-1.
”Freezing” of sample structure in selected moments of simulated process is effected by means of blowing in high purity compressed helium or nitrogen.

Examples of tests executed by means of DIL 805 A/D dilatometer:

  • Examination of phase transformations – development of transformation diagrams, in that, and based on these, mathematical models of phase transformations Determination of critical temperatures during heating and cooling
  • Examination of precipitation processes during tempering and/or ageing of tempered/ supersaturated metal alloys
  • Analysis of the impact of deformation on phase transformations of cooled austenite  
  • Determination of flow curves in the conditions of hot strain
  • Examination of retained austenite disintegration
  • Dilatometric analysis of phase transformation kinetics

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