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Qform3D software for simulation of hot and cold forging and other plastic woking processes

Qform3D software facilitates numerical simulations of hot and cold forming, bars rolling, rolling of rings and railway tyres as well as extrusion forging and cold rotary extrusion. Technological chain composed both of 2D and 3D operations is easily defined by the user within several minutes using simulations’ creator, while calculations are made continuously, without supervision. Results of simulation are displayed using 3D graphics, simultaneously with calculations progress, which ensures immediate feedback of the software. Qform software has a database of  equipment and materials  which are adjusted to the needs of each user. Database can be edited and supplemented by the user. The software facilitates calculations for a few separate individually operating tools. Detailed information can be found at www.qform3d.com. Qform3D software was used in simulation of cold rotary extrusion of thin-walled tubes of ultra-high strength steels for special applications, in simulation of forging of forgings  and rolling of rings of new steel grades as well as simulation of hot rolling of steel products.

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