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The long-term activities of The Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, and now Łukasiewicz - Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy for the development of the steel industry have been noticed.


The many years of work have been noticed by foreign partners and importantly appreciated. On June 22, 2021, Director Wojciech Szulc was elected one of the three Vice-Presidents of the European Steel Technology Platform ESTEP. Dr hab. Eng. Wojciech Szulc is the Deputy Director for Finance and Operations at Łukasiewicz – IMŻ and for many years he has been active in the steel industry, both internationally and nationally. The Institute participates in the works of the Platform from the very beginning of its establishment, that is since 2005. The employees of Łukasiewicz – IMŻ are active in various groups and bodies of ESTEP, coordinating activities aimed at the implementation of sustainable development of the steel industry. Director Szulc is an active member of the Focus Group PEOPLE and has implemented, together with representatives of other institutions from other European countries, two projects obtained under the Platform financed by the ERASMUS + program: GT VET and ESSA. In addition, Director Szulc represents Łukasiewicz – IMŻ in the Steering Group and General Assembly, and the Polish state - in the Mirror Group Platform.

– "The election to the authorities of the Platform is an appreciation of not only my contribution to the activities of this nstitution, but also the involvement of Łukasiewicz – IMŻ and its employees in the activity in the European Research Area (ERA)" – emphasizes Director Wojciech Szulc.

The voice of Director Szulc, and thus the voice of Łukasiewicz – IMŻ, was also heard and noticed in the extensive report # GreenSteel4EU. The aim of the report was to develop a strategy for the development of economic sectors and technologies of the future that are important to Europe. The report can play a big role in mobilizing research ideas as well as mobilizing financial resources at the European level. – "In order for the report to see the light of day, it was our contribution as a project partner that counted" – emphasizes Director Szulc.

The steel industry is one of the basic supply industries for many sectors of economies in the European Union. The report's conclusions are clear:

  • Decarbonising steel is possible if private capital is sufficiently backed by a coherent and coordinated framework of public funding opportunities at EU, Member State and regional level.
  • Investing heavily in innovation and integrated breakthrough technologies for the European steel industry is key to achieving the EU's climate and energy goals and making the sector more competitive, while keeping it ahead as a global player.
  • The # GreenSteel4EU report confirms that the current EU financial support framework, even in conjunction with other financial mechanisms, will not be sufficient to meet the investment needs of the European steel sector to meet the climate neutral targets by 2050.

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